Make Good Love Decisions

Start Thinking WITH Your...

When we get out of quarantine, will you go back to the same "love choices" that you've made before?

Aren't you Tired of making the same love choices? Let's figure out your "WHY!"

Most of us are Mind Dominant, Heart Dominant or "Kitty" Dominant, which means that some part of us takes primary control as we love. There's nothing wrong with which way we dominate, BUT it affects EVERYTHING if we don't keep it in check.

  • We need to get on the same page. With ALL OF OURSELVES.
  • It's time to figure where we are in how we love, in order to love better and be better versions of ourselves.
  • THEN we can be better partners and lovers, because once you know better, you will do better. You'll also be aware of those red flags and stop making questionable decisions. Let's make good love decisions!

In Relationships, we either do a lot of thinking, feel a lot or gets "addicted" to feeling good.
We call this Mind Dominant, Heart Dominant and Kitty Dominant, respectfully. 

Find out in our FUN QUIZ what direction that you tend to lean in!


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